Monkeyry Media Dashboard

Post on social media at the right time, have more time for monkeying around.

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Suggested posting times

Have more chances to beat algorithms - let the monkeyry behind the dashboard tell you when to post. In addition youll have a weekly shedule yo keep track of. With all that information you should ho beyond organic reach in no time.

So where do I sign up?

Heres the thing - you don't have to. There is no need to at this point. When we launch something that will need your John Hancock you will be notified.


Ninja like reactions

Your right mouse button will get boosted with superpowers - direct web address posting to facebook, whatsApp and linked-in, selected text posting to twitter. Now you can be a contender in the meme game

No tracking, no problem!

Monkeyry Dashboard extension doesnt track you at all. Apart from google chrome store download stats, your likrs and coments we dont do any magic tricks to figure out who you are.You are awesome just by using this extemsion, wedont needto know muchmore.

Perks for awesome people

If you have extension installed head down to website

Resources at your fingertips

No more looking for the right size for your post Image. Each time you open a browser window you'll get access to up to date information and social media templates. For all you Pro's there are photoshop/ affinity designer files, .png packs for the rest of us old fashion.


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